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Poly Fire Tank

10,000Ltr Poly Fire Tank

With 400mm Metal Shielding

Diameter: 2540mm

Inlet Height: 2250mm

Total Height: 2350mm



The Poly Fire Tank will not be suitable for every fire application or bushfire hazard management plan. Please see below information for assistance and consult your building surveyor for clarification if this tank can be used as part of your bushfire hazard management plan.

Included Poly Fire Tank Fittings:

Poly Fire Tank Information

Who needs a fire tank?


A new building, addition or alteration to an existing building in a bushfire-prone area will likely require a water supply dedicated for fire fighting purposes. The exact details can be found in the attached, in the case of our customers it is a 10,000 L fire tank.



Tankworld Poly Fire Tank Option:


We will begin to offer 10,000 L Corrugated Poly Fire Tank options on top of our standard Galv. Fire Tank. This will only be an option for customers with an application that fits certain criteria, it will not work for every application. The question of whether a poly fire tank will be suitable for the individual application will ultimately come down to the decision of the building surveyor who will be the one to sign off on the final job. 10,000 L Poly Fire Tanks will be available in limited colours initially; Stone, Slate Grey, Mist Green & Armour Grey. This is subject to change based on demand. Lead time will be 2-4 weeks.



How can I use a Poly Fire Tank  instead of a Galvanised Fire Tank?


Each customer that requires a fire tank can find their exact requirements within their Planning Documents that have been approved by council. Planning documents are prepared by a building surveyor and generally include a bushfire hazard management report which further details the requirements for the particular application.


The below table from the Tasmanian Government document ‘Requirements for Building in Bushfire-prone Areas’ and is commonly used as part of the Bushfire Hazard Management Report within the Planning Documents. This states what is an acceptable Static Water Supply for Fire fighting.


Please refer to Table 4.3B Requirements for Static Water Supply for Fire fighting below on how a Poly Fire Tank can be used.


Section 3.5 of AS3959:2018.




190341 TFS Building for Bushfire_Water supplies_5 Nov.pdf


Consumer, Building and Occupational Services


Australian Standard

Construction of Buildings in Bushfire-prone Areas AS3959:2018





The information contained within this document is an interpretation by Tankworld Tasmania to the best of its knowledge using independent sources of information available under the sub-heading ‘References’.


All information is to be used as a guide only, each customer should seek independent professional advice from their building surveyor for clarification if this option will work for you.


Tankworld Tasmania also manufactures 10,000 L Galvanised Steel Fire Tanks. Due to material shortages throughout the building industry and supply chain issues we are currently experiencing longer than anticipated lead times for manufacture and delivery of Steel Fire Tanks. The Poly Fire Tank provides those customers with suitable applications an option to have their new home build or renovation signed off at the appropriate time.




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