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Site Access

Our truck and trailer is 19 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 5 metres tall. We need clear access through gates, roads, roundabouts, crossing and trees on your property so that we can deliver your tank without damage to your property. If delivery cannot be made to your site, crane or other equipment hire is at the purchaser's expense and/or responsibility. If you are concerned about access to your property please request a 'Truck Only' delivery.




Our driver will need help to unload your new tank, so please have persons available to assist at time of delivery. The provision of assistance to unload is a condition of free delivery and is as stipulated by Workplace Standards Tasmania. If assistance is not provided, Tankworld Tasmania will not deliver the tank.


  • 1575 Ltr to 14300 Ltr tanks require 1 person plus the driver
  • 24000 Ltr  tanks require 3 people plus the driver


Delivery drivers will not carry out in ground or on-stand deliveries. Tankworld will not install your tank, we will help you to site the tank (given good access for our delivery vehicle).


We require access to your property for the Tankworld 5 ton Hino truck and large low loader trailer (total length similar to a semi trailer). Assistance is required, as per installation recommendation



Delivery Terms & Conditions

Tankworld Tasmania will deliver the water tank to the customers property on a date and time confirmed with the customer by Tankworld Tasmania Dispatch when the appropriate full load of tanks is being delivered into the customers requested area.


The Tankworld Tasmania delivery driver will endeavour to place the tank on the customers adequately prepared site providing clear access is provided for a long wheel base medium rigid truck. The delivery driver will not take the truck across paddocks or along any track that fails to provide adequate overhead clearance or a suitable base for a heavy vehicle. If the Tankworld Tasmania delivery driver deems the site inaccessible for his vehicle or that the site presents a physical risk, he may refuse to place the tank on site. The tank will be unloaded in a safe position within the customers property. If the site is below ground level, on a steep site or situated on an elevated stand, placement of the tank on such a site is the customers responsibility.


Once the tank is unloaded the delivery driver will ask the customer where the tank outlet/gate valve is to be installed.  If the customer elects not to have the outlet/gate valve installed at this time, Tankworld Tasmania staff will not return to install these fittings except at an additional expense to the customer.


The Tankworld Tasmania delivery driver will require assistance to unload your tank and place on site (if possible). Tankworld Tasmania will deliver to your property and unload your new tank conditional upon this assistance being provided.


1575 Ltr - 14,300 ltr Tanks require 1 person plus delivery driver.

24,000 Ltr Tanks require 3 able bodied people plus delivery driver.


These numbers have been arrived at by Workplace Standards Tasmania and under no circumstance will a tank be unloaded by Tankworld Tasmania personnel if the required assistance is not provided.


Payment in full for the invoiced amount is due upon delivery.

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