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Tank Installation Guidelines

Easy to Install

Ground installation requires minimal preparation, the tanks can be situated on any smooth level site. Ideal for tank stands they will not rust or corrode. Ensure the long life of your tank by observing the following:


Your tank must be sited on a compacted, level base e.g. Concrete or Crusher dust completely boxed in, so the site material cannot be washed away.  The siting of the tank on fill is NOT recommended as subsidence may occur - a 24,000Ltr tank weighs approximately 24,500 kg when full.


The overflow pipe must be plumbed away from the tank.  Failure to do so will result in the tank site being undermined and likely cause the failure of your tank.  The long term maintenance of the site is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and is very important to insure maximum life from your tank. Damage or distortion of the tank by site erosion is not covered by warranty.

If you have any doubts about your installation please phone us.


Correct method for siting above ground tank

Securing Tank

It is recommended that you put at least 25mm of water in to the tank or otherwise secure your tank from being blown away. Tankworld takes no responsibility for tanks being damaged in this way.


It is not recommended to bury Poly tanks deeper than 400mm.

If a Poly tank installation is deeper then 400mm, a SPECIAL BUILD HEAVYWEIGHT Poly tank is recommended. Please discuss this with your sales consultant.


Slim Line Tank Installation

Slim Line tanks by design are tall with a narrow base.  All slim line tanks MUST be installed upon a very sound base, preferably a concrete slab.  A slim line tank installation on a soft base could tip over.  Do NOT site Poly slim line tanks directly against a wall as they will expand when full and may place undue pressure against any structure.


Concrete Pad Installation

Reinforced concrete pad, level and greater than the diameter of the tank is a sufficient poly tank base.


Tank Stand Installation

Tank stand should have hardwood decking with gaps no greater than 50mm. Decking to be supported structurally by bearers strong enough to prevent sagging of decking when tank is full. Pipe work for tanks on stands must be supported by the stand, not the tank, with 30cm flexible rubber hose to allow for any movement. When calculating your tank stands holding capabilities please remember one liter of water is equal to one kilo of weight. Correct tank stand installation is the customers sole responsibility.



Please advise us if you need any extra fittings or gate valves. Strainer, Overflow and one brass outlet plus gate valve - up to 40mm - will be supplied with your tank and fitted on delivery. All other plumbing work to and away from the tank is the responsibility of the purchaser. Extra fittings are available on request. Fittings larger than 40mm are available at an extra cost.


Tasmanian Plumbing Code May 2013 Version;

NOTE - All cold water storage tanks used in drinking water installations from 1st July 2013 must comply with part B1, B2 inclusive of appendix C of this code. Tanks made compliant with this standard are covered by the following statement;

“This tank has been manufactured for the storage of drinking water and all materials are suitable for contact with drinking water.”



Page 85 - Tasmanian Plumbing Code May 2013 Version;

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